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Case Study: BCI Acrylic

Creating a Fresh Solution to Bathroom Remodeling

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Case Study: NetSpend

NetSpend empowers consumers with the convenience, security and freedom to be self-banked. 

Early adopter NetSpend uses ConsumerAffairs to display a complete story about their product and brand online. Previously, the brand struggled with responding to reviews, and experienced frustration in dealing with unverified reviews that popped up online. With ConsumerAffairs, NetSpend is able to resolve feedback quickly and share feedback across their company easily.

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Social Listening: What It Is and How to Maximize On It

What comes to mind when you hear “social media?” You most likely think photos and comments, or content creation and community management. With social media being so visual, it’s easy to see how these would be top of mind. But, there’s an important aspect of social that often gets missed: social listening. Social listening is about finding and being part of customer conversations online. It’s a practice that can strengthen any marketing plan and help you stay on top of brand mentions. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to maximize your social media listening and the tools you’ll need to do it.

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Beginners Guide To Customer Advocacy

Your customers are your most significant investment and your greatest cheerleaders. That’s why it’s essential to develop a customer advocate strategy that boosts referrals while improving your brand reputation.

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call center employees with a smiling woman on a headset in the foreground

Answer 1 Case Study

Without the luxury of a one-size-fits-all product, virtual receptionist company Answer 1 tackles customer service and marketing with a uniquely diversified target audience. By partnering with ConsumerAffairs, Answer 1 was able to connect with consumers further down the sales cycle, making it one of the most profitable marketing channels for the company.

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a home health worker helping an elderly client learn how to use a medical alert system

Bay Alarm Medical Case Study

Medical alert monitoring service brand Bay Alarm medical sees continued growth year over year by focusing on building and maintaining their brand reputation and earning trust with customers via their ConsumerAffairs profile page.

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a group of friends toasting with colorful cocktails garnished with fruit and tiny umbrellas

Deconstructing the Perfect Marketing Cocktail

In this eBook, we break down the four ways review collection can have a major impact on your business (and provide some serious return on investment), including creating strong brand awareness, ranking on page one of search results, unlocking valuable customer and product insights, generating highly-qualified leads.

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woman sitting at a desk reading online reviews on a laptop

[REPORT] The Power of Online Reviews

While businesses struggle to figure out how to analyze and value online reviews, consumers continue to include them in their purchase process toolbox. In our most recent study, we looked at how consumers use online reviews and which aspects are most important to the purchase process.

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