What can ConsumerAffairs for Brands do for me?

Manage your profile

Respond to reviews on your ConsumerAffairs profile page. Nurture an engaged customer base as you resolve complaints, highlight successes, and build a trusted brand online. Your authorized profile unlocks access to respond to reviews, ask for star-rating increases, access page analytics, custom referral paths and CRM integration.


Get more reviews

Struggling to collect feedback organically? Leave it to us. Our in-house call center will collect reviews for you, helping you to get more high-quality, impactful reviews full of rich content that will showcase the true sentiment of your customers.


Engage with customers

With ConsumerAffairs for Brands, you can respond to verified customer reviews through public and private response, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement while reducing churn and shaping customer experience publicly to build a trusted brand.


Drive conversions and generate revenue

Shoppers land on ConsumerAffairs.com to research purchase decisions. For these consumers, it’s all about social proof. Let your existing customers do the heavy lifting for you by building a library of knowledge (through customer reviews) online for those researching your product. This user-generated content builds trust and enables informed purchase decisions, getting more potential customers over the fence and driving the conversions of highly qualified leads.


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