Engage with Customers

Easy feedback channels open the door for two-way communication, making it easier to solve problems, increase loyalty, and reduce churn.

NEW - Reviews Feed

  • The Reviews Feed feature allows you to research your online reviews all in one feed.
  • View recent reviews from multiple reviews sites in one efficient dashboard.
  • Search by keyword for specific product related reviews, or any topic you want to research for customer feedback.
  • Filter your searches by star rating, or by a specific group of review sites.
  • Read your reviews from sites such as Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages and many more.
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Convert detractors into promoters

Empower your client success team with the tools they need to reach your customers at pivotal moments. The ConsumerAffairs for Brands app makes it easier to identify and solve problems, so you can focus on creating positive outcomes from negative customer experiences and even turn brand assassins into brand ambassadors.

Plus, once you’ve turned a complaint into a win for a customer, you can request an updated star-rating to reflect the true caliber of your customer service.

Build trust

Investing time in customer service and showcasing your efforts publicly will help build trust with potential customers who are researching your brand online.

User-generated content is crucial to building trust with consumers and can help you maximize your reputation marketing efforts.

It’s all about social proof. Let your existing customers do the heavy lifting for you by building a library of knowledge online (through review content) for consumers researching your brand or products, helping to build trust and enable informed purchase decisions.

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Leverage feedback across platforms

Display the feedback you collect on ConsumerAffairs.com directly on your own website or Facebook page with our testimonials widget.

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Learn from customers to make smarter product decisions and ensure a 5-star experience

  • Recognize repeated themes: Use your ConsumerAffairs profile page to identify the most impactful elements of your product
  • Spot geographical issues: Identify regional problems by analyzing geographical data with the heatmap available in the Brands App
  • Identify areas for improvement: Gather insights and identify common complaints so you can prioritize areas for improvement and make the adjustments that matter most to your customers
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