We work with brands to create simple and auditable feedback channels to help you take control of the conversation happening about your brand, products, and services online.

Happy customers tell no one, angry customers tell everyone

What we’ve found is many positive experiences are never shared simply because brands don’t ask for public feedback. This can lead to an unfair imbalance of negative reviews (unhappy people are more likely to tell someone about their experience), or no reviews at all.

That means, without proactive review collection, when shoppers click on review pages they will only have a small sampling of customer feedback to form their entire opinion about your brand or product.

Through our efforts, you can gather feedback from a wider range of customers and portray a realistic picture of your true customer sentiment online.

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NEW - Video review collection

Video reviews can truly bring your customer reviews to life with emotion, expression and tone that can’t be captured with written reviews alone. Start harnessing the power of user generated video, the fastest growing and most consumed content on the internet, to tell the story of your products and services.

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Have power over your customer experience

Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands to collect reviews and:

  • Capture true customer sentiment
  • Respond to customers publicly or privately
  • Identify and solve common issues
  • Identify your biggest wins and feature them in your marketing messaging
  • Identify and leverage brand advocates
  • Shape your brand perception online
  • Build a brand consumers trust and customers love

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computer displaying the consumer affairs for brands application interface with customer review analytics and trends

Leave review collection to us

Utilize our call center team to contact your customers directly and collect impactful feedback.

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Review Collection with ConsumerAffairs for Brands

At ConsumerAffairs, our goal is to help brands capture the true sentiment of their customer voice. We partner with you to create easy feedback channels like phone, email, and field review collection to make the process as simple as possible for both the brand and the customer.

There are two ways we can do this:

Managed Services Review Collection

Traditional Solicited Review Collection

  • ConsumerAffairs utilizes its community of consumers to solicit reviews for the brand.
  • Responsibility is taken off the brand to provide monthly customer lists.
  • Volume of reviews received can be adjusted to target a specific average or overall star rating.
  • Managed Services Review Collection can be coupled with Managed Services Review Management for complete hands-off service.
  • Phone Review Collection
    ConsumerAffairs creates a call script to collect reviews from a random sampling of your customers each month. 
  • Custom Review Form
    Collect reviews from anywhere including your website or company Facebook page.
  • Email Campaigns
    Your client success manager will schedule, send and track email review collection campaigns through the Brands app.
  • Printed Review Cards
    We design and print review cards for you to distribute to your customers in person.

Learn more about review collection, customer engagement and all ConsumerAffairs for Brands features.

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